Is the Socrates home page (prior to log in) done with Socrates theme?
If so, can you give some basic guidelines on what settings and items you enabled in order to have it be configured in that way?

It appears that most of the page is widgets...?
But I'm sure there are other settings there that would be helpful.

My goal is to have a short, concise page, similar to yours, but with a totally different design...
I like the 3 boxes especially.... and like the simplicity of the page...
... but interested in also including a featured post on the front page ... (or more than one if possible).

So, I guess also need to learn how to have the latest "blog" post show up on the front page somewhere.. and then replaced when one that is more current is posted. Also, is I do a sticky post on the blog page, does that stay in place as a current post on home or replaced when a new (non sticky) post is written.

I saw a post somewhere, similar in nature, that talked about a reading setting only allowing one post, but didn't understand if you did that per page or a global thing or what (and where it was).

P.S. I have had Socrates for a long time... been playing with LOTS of other templates, and finally ready to give this one a whirl!