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    Default Just watched the hilarious Auto-Crapulator video

    Search for Dan's video - Autocrapulator on Youtube if you want a good laugh.

    It was mostly about autoblogging, but it brought up some questions.

    Is it really a bad idea to have your domains on the same host?

    I have about 14 on hostgator.

    And what about the new craze - "curated content." Supposedly Google loves this shortcut to getting posts.

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    It's not a bad idea to have your domains on the same host.. as long as you're not trying to link them all together for seo benefit.. Say for example you're trying to build your own authority network and link your sites together. Although Google says they don't consider the IP address a factor, many SEO experts think it does matter. It's why you'll see "seo hosting" packages that use different class c ips.

    Curated content as long as it's "done well" and contains some original content is a good model.. but that doesn't mean google will like it a year from now.

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