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Thread: Adsense Issues

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    Default Adsense Issues

    Hello All!

    I'm really enjoying the Socrates theme but am just having some issues with adsense and hoping maybe to find some answers here. my url is I have the leaderboard set up with adsense code installed, a half banner at the top of 2 post's, and 3 links at the bottom of 3 posts. To my understanding this is okay under adsense rules, but I don't have any ads showing up at all except the link ads. Any help on this matter would be appreciated!

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    The ads are working for me.. Sometimes you just need to give them time.

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    Hi YogaShelf,

    Any luck with those ads yet? If not, why don't you send us an email through the helpdesk so we can help you get them working.
    Leilani Clifford
    - Forum Admin

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