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Thread: Plugin Requests

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    Default Plugin Requests

    Do you have an idea for a great plugin?

    We've got an intern in our office whose writing us some custom plugins for a variety of projects and uses..

    If you've got an idea for a plugin that has mass appeal or a very useful function let us know and we might develop it.


    Obviously any ideas you post here are public and you're basically giving up any rights to the idea if posted. (it's possible other plugin developers will bookmark this thread too)

    We're not offering a joint venture, or offering any compensation if we decide to develop it..

    If you have a idea you think you could develop yourself and profit from, then do not share it..

    This thread is for people who always say...

    "I wish someone would come out with...."

    Well, let us know and maybe we will...


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    all-in-one-webmaster is a good plug, it's takes some time setting it though.
    You Will Never Use 'Old' List Building Techniques Again..

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    I wish someone would come out with the following...:

    1. A plugin that allows me to link my e-mail accounts i.e. gmail, yahoomail, et. al. to my socrates website. Like allow me to automatically post contents (text and photos) from my email to my website with me just merely adding the title and tags... Can you make it compatible with working in an ipad too? (I do not know if this is possible or was this already developed? Hhmmm.. ).

    2. A plugin with FLAGS as the avatar? Hehehee...It would give me some idea as to which country a comment came from or something...I cant figure why it matters but guess its additional information as to the kind of traffic coming in...

    3. A plugin that collects recent comments around the website but would show up at the frontpage of the website as a little chatbox with the comments rolling-up. please include a blank space that would allow any other person to add a message or reply to any of the comments shown or something to this effect.

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