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    Jul 2010
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    Default Pretty underwhelmed so far...

    At first, I really loved the idea of this theme. I think the built in header-maker and slots for banners, adsense, social stuff are all awesome.

    But now I am not so excited anymore.

    Too many bugs that show lack of attention to detail. Also, would have liked to see some obvious features that are not there instead of things that don't matter (like a banner exchange).

    And it's not like it's a cheap theme. It's not expensive, but it's not cheap either.

    I think this theme could be really awesome and I eagerly await the improvements. There are a ton of good ideas given by the members of this forum.

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    Jun 2010
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    I'd be happy to listen to more if you would like to elaborate.

    Can you give me an example of the bugs you've found? [update, found your posts and your issues are unique amongst 1000's of users, a reinstall could fix, if not perhaps a rare plugin conflict is to blame.]

    And of the obvious features we're missing? I get so little negative feedback on the theme, I appreciate any perspectives I can get.

    I think we've addressed most customer requests pretty quickly thus far.

    As far as the price, we're half the price of our competitors... and our headers alone are worth the purchase price as is the support we're adding with this forum.

    You also have to remember that we released Socrates right before a major upgrade of Wordpress and our header system relies on coding that other theme developers have not tried before. And has to work cross browser and across dozens of different server and permission configurations.

    When you consider that in just our first 90 days we've got over 4,000 customers.. the percent of people with issues is incredibly small.

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    Jul 2010
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    Hey Dan,

    As this is my first post, what better place to make it.

    I think the theme is fantastic! (Left a testimonial on your main page, awaiting moderation)

    I've paid anywhere from $10 - $149 for themes over the last few years and your price is quite fair considering the "built-ins" already provided, including adding banners, adsense, social networks, headers, changing color schemes, and the rest - without having to get into the templates themselves to change or modify coding.

    I appreciate the effort you put into this theme and the resulting ease of use. It's a hot theme and I'm glad I got in on it fairly early.

    Some people just don't know a great theme when they find one.

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