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    Default Alignment of Text in Header


    I want to left align the text in my header. However I would like to move it to the right of the default left alignment placement by around 5mm (approx .2 of an inch)

    I've had a look at the Header.php script and I can't see where it says how far to indent the left aligned header text. I'd have a play if I could see where you could change the indentation of the aligned placements.

    I'd appreciate the help of anyone who knows how to do this.

    Regards, Fiona :-)

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    Unfortunately the only way to use a different alignment than the Socrates defaults is to edit your header image manually, via Photoshop or similar program.
    And then upload that image into the Socrates Headers.

    If you wish, I can do the edit for you. Go ahead and click into my profile here and then send me an email with the image and text that you want to use and Ill take of it.

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    Default Alignment of Text in Header

    Hi there "jnewgent" and thanks so much for your response and offer of assistance.

    I purposely did not have my graphic designer put the text onto the header graphic because I thought using Socrates to generate the Name and Tagline of the Wordpress site may result in a Meta Tag being created.

    Is this the case? Or is it much of a muchness whether you create a graphic with the text on it for the header or get Socrates to generate the text on your header graphic?

    I'm very curious!!

    Fiona :-)

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