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    Default Two H1 tags on a page and Font Size in Archives

    Hello...two questions:

    Being new to wordpress I'm not sure if this is correct or not. Is it ok to have 2 H1 tags on a page? Right now I have one showing for the title text (even though I'm not using the title and have a custom header), and one showing for the post title (I edited the h2 in single.php to h1 per instructions on another post from Dan).

    2. Is there a way to change the font size in the category archives? I edited the h2 style in the css, but that also changes the font size of the title of any pages (the posts are fine). I just want the category archives list to be a smaller font, because it looks overwhelming when in a vertical list.

    I could change the pages to posts and that would take care of the problem, but they are index pages (ie: an article page listing all the articles on the blog) and coming from a website mentality vs. a blog mentality... it just seems they should be pages (still trying to figure out this page vs post thing!) more question What is the reasoning behind having post titles linked, when they only link back to the same page?

    Thanks in advance!


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    We feel that you should only have on h1 tag per page.. but others think it's okay to have 2 which is why we gave the option for the post title.

    I would not consider the category titles to be overwhelming and no one else has mentioned this.

    The easiest fix might be to just edit the archives.php file and change h2 to h3, then in style.css find

    h2 { font-size:16pt;font-family: arial,helvetica,san-serif;}

    And right below it add

    h3 { font-size:14pt;font-family: arial,helvetica,san-serif;}

    I'm afraid I don't have a definitive answer as to why post titles are linked to themselves.. I can't find anyone asking this online.

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    I, too, am trying to decide how I want to handle the various "h" tags. So far, that is the only thing that seems awkward with Socrates.

    So, what did you mean above when you said "which is why we gave the option for the post title"? Where? How?


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